Eid Mubarak Oman

Eid Mubarak Oman

Eid Mubarak Oman

Qaranqasho at Bait Zubair

On the 14th night of Ramadhan (the middle of that month) there is a childrens celebration called ‘Qaranqasho’ (قرنقشوه) . It traditionally was when children went knocking on the front door of neighbours houses to ask for ‘halwa’ (sweets). The first part of the word is used as part of similar names for a similar event throughout The Gulf. Over the years Continue reading

Wadi Doan Restaurant

We travelled up to Dubai for meetings and came across this compellingly named restaurant a minute from our hotel (Wadi Doan is a beautiful valley in South Yemen with unique buildings that prides itself on producing the ‘best Honey in the world’ – though perhaps some Omani Honey can claim that distinction ) . We arrived having had ‘Iftar’, the light meal breaking the day’s fast in Ramadhan. However we also arrived while most of the staff were still Continue reading

Oman’s Vehicle Sales in 2013 – over 200,000 sold

Vehicle sales in Oman continues to rumble around the 200,000 unit mark annually. In 2013 another  Continue reading

Strike at Lulu Supermarket

Arriving at the fruit and vegetable counter to get my Clementines weighed I was told firmly, but very politely, by the two Omani staff manning the scales that they were on strike. The staff on strike wore Continue reading