Bidiya visit over Eid

It was nice to visit one of my favourite parts of Oman, Bidiya, over Eid.

Bidiya Dates

Bidiya Dates

Just on the edge of the Wahiba Sands, a scattering of small Date Oasis make use of the subsurface water and oven like summer temperatures to grow some of Oman’s wonderful dates. Continue reading

Sultan Qaboos lays foundation stone for the ‘Oman Across Ages Museum’

Sultan Qaboos has laid the foundation stone for the new ‘Oman Across Ages Museum’.

Sultan Qaboos lays foundation Stone for Oman Museum

Sultan Qaboos lays foundation Stone for the ‘Oman Across Ages Museum’

Located just north of Husn al Shumookh in Manah it will be Continue reading

My Lucky Weekend

What a weekend full of good fortune I could pass on.  On Saturday Jojo Bird of ‘What’s Happening Muscat, Oman?‘ tagged me to say that I had just won a great prize of an HTC phone from eSaver in Muscat- the first prize I’ve won in soooo many years living in Oman. JoJo had told the group the day before about a Philipino teacher who had just died of cancer leaving 6 young children without a parent. Continue reading

The Cleaning and Perfuming of the Masjid Al Haram in Mecca

The Cleaning of the The Masjid al-Ḥarām in Mecca, 24 hours a day each day of the year

Oman’s Subsidies in the News again

Once again Oman’s subsidies made to a variety of products is a feature of an article; today in the Times of Oman. In Oman Total subsidy and exemption estimate for 2015 is at OMR1.8 billion (thats USDollar 4.67Billion) says the Times of Oman and it will be entrenched further with the establishment of the ‘strategic food reserve’ .

According to Reuters, Oman Government expenditure this year is estimated at 14.1 billion rials ($36.6 billion).
So subsidy is about 12% of Government expenditure – which incurred a deficit of OMR1.06 billion in 2014 and is projected to increase to OMR2.5 billion in 2015.



According to Boston Consulting – private wealth in Oman Continue reading