Cyclone Phet in Oman

but it looks as if its not as serious as Guno was

Phet from NASA
A NASA picture of Phet approaching Oman

Cyclone Phet (it looks so large ) has cruised over north-eastern Oman creating floods in low lying areas and torrential wadis near the mountains .

Wadi Fanja in Oman from Cyclone Phet
Wadi Fanja on Friday afternoon - a mud coloured river from Cyclone Phet

Fortunately the intensity of the storm is less than Guno 3 years ago – and also every one in Oman knows what damage a storm can do so the tragic deaths – so far less .

McDonalds Qurm
McDonalds Qurm - flooded again early evening on Friday by Cyclone Phet

It looks as if the infrastructure in Muscat has held up better than before though in Quriyat on Friday there is no electricity – and perhaps Sur and Ras al Hadd will also have a similar problem

Author: ynotoman

virtually in Oman since 1986

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